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My hope is that as you are looking through the descriptions of these amazing organizations, at least one of them will spark your interest so you will want to learn more and possibly become involved with their great works!
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Organizations supported by book sales

One dollar of Carol's proceeds from book sales through this site will be given to the following charities.  If placing a large order and want to specify a charity, please send an email to with the date of the order, the quantity and your favorite charity from the list below.

AOET - Uganda

I recently had the great privilege of meeting the beautiful children of "The Chosen" and they touched my heart.  The AOET programs are doing it right..., getting AIDS orphans off the streets into loving foster homes and into school.  The people who have a heart for the orphans but no room or money for extra food are now being helped by AOET.  The children become a part of a loving family and remain with that family as the family grows, becomes educated, empowered and able to support each other for the long term.

AOET is an independent, indigenous non-governmental organization with the prime mandate of providing an education — formal and/or vocational — to desperately poor, neglected and forgotten orphans whose parents have died of AIDS.  AOET assists children with AIDS and widows that have lost their spouses to AIDS and most of them HIV+ themselves.

To learn more about this amazing organization and to watch music videos of their beautiful performances please go to the links below:

AOET(AIDS Orphans Educational Trust)

To go directly to the web page of the AOET children's singing group "THE CHOSEN" please click here

To go directly to the web page of the older AOET singing group "PREDESTINED" please click here

WAIT (Washington AIDS International Teens)

WAIT is a performing arts group that educates youth about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and empowers youth to use their talents to make a difference in the world.

From their website: "1 in 20 people in the (Washington) DC area are infected with HIV."  To learn more, please go to their national website at:

I have had the honor of watching and getting to know the Columbus, Ohio WAIT Team and they are outstanding!!  I would highly recommend them for presentations for your schools, camps, youth groups, etc.  They have an amazing energy and brilliant talents that touch youth (and adults) as they deliver important life saving information.  To learn more about presentations in central Ohio, please call Aye Jin Masuda (614) 598-3264
or email her at:


The Rotary Foundation (including PolioPlus)

Rotary International is the world's first service club organization. Its more than 1.2 million members volunteer their time and talent to further the Rotary motto, Service Above Self. 

Please learn more at:

I think the Rotary Four Way Test is something we should all strive to achieve:

"Of the things we think, say or do

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"

For more history of Rotary including the Four Way Test please go to:

To learn more about the PolioPlus program please go to:

Adam Taliaferro Foundation

The Adam Taliaferro Foundation's mission is to provide an educational resource for all medical personnel, coaches, athletic administrators, athletes and families. These injury recognition and medical response procedures are vital to the successful recovery process of the individual.  It is also the intention of the foundation to provide grant funding for all football players who sustain this type of injury, and who will need to retrofit their lives to accommodate their ambulatory requirements.

"One day we'd like to help more people than just athletes," Taliaferro said. "But for now, we'll just keep doing what we are doing until we get enough money to help more people."

The foundation has raised more than $200,000 to assist injured athletes and to educate athletes and coaches on ways to prevent spinal injuries.

(I talk about Adam's impact on me in the book A Swift Kick In The Head... in Chapter 5 - The Day Football Became So Much More Than A Game.)

To learn more about Adam and his amazing foundation, please go to:


Afghan Mini Mobile Circus for Children
(Afghan MMMC)

The Afghan Mini Mobile Circus for Children (MMCC), from Kabul, Afghanistan is an international non profit NGO that has been working in Afghanistan since June 2002. The main objective of MMCC is providing educational and informative entertainment for children. This aim is achieved by identifying, training, and applying the Afghan talents and potentials.

I had the great pleasure of meeting some of the children from this organization in 2006.

I love this photo taken at our international school in Tokyo, because there are children playing together who come from Afghanistan, Japan, India and America!!  (The MMMC t-shirt says "Making Children Laugh is a Goal!!" and in many areas of Afghanistan, giving children laughter is a much needed, powerful and amazing gift!!)


The children we met from the Mobile Mini Circus for Children, MMCC, were ages 7 to 14 (many of them are orphans). They performed some great circus acts and skits for our school, but their primary function is to teach other Afghan kids.  The MMCC children travel around villages in Afghanistan to educate other children by acting, singing, magic shows, acrobatic performances and many other creative activities.

Teaching these village children is their primary function, not just entertainment.  The majority of Afghanistan towns do not have schools or textbooks, not even teachers. Many cannot read. The MMCC children teach the importance of peace, understanding of diversity, health education such as malaria prevention, women's rights, etc.  You can
learn more about these amazing children and the hope their school and traveling performances give to many children at:  


Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI)

Mission Statement

The Center for Citizen Initiatives implements programs that assist Russian citizens in securing economic and political reforms and fosters cooperative partnerships and relations between the U.S. and Russia.  Please see their website at:


For the past 25 years, the Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) has dedicated itself to supporting political and economic reforms in Russia. CCI is a highly respected, non-profit "501(c)(3)" organization that keeps its ear to the ground in Russia and develops trend-setting programs to meet emerging needs.

Today its Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) is the organization's chief vehicle for assisting Russia's efforts to build a viable market economy. PEP is widely regarded as the leading edge program for business training in Russia. (The Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP), CCI's flagship program, provides intensive U.S.-based management training for Russian entrepreneurs. PEP, unique among American-sponsored business programs, ensures that non-English speaking Russian entrepreneurs receive exposure to Western business practices and, in addition, allows Americans to showcase their successful businesses.)  CCI has graduated more than 5,500 Russian entrepreneurs from U.S.-based business management internships. Currently, it manages an army of over 25,000 dedicated volunteers, who train these interns, across 45 U.S. states. CCI's alumni come from over 600 Russian regional cities and towns beyond Moscow. Countless thousands of Russians have benefited from CCI’s Russia-based program activity.

Our local Rotary hosted a CCI/PEP group in 2003.  We had a wonderful group of farmers and it was as amazing for us as hosts as for our guests.  (Part of our experiences are featured in the book titled A Swift Kick in the Head... in Chapter 7 - From Russia with Love and Friendship.)

To learn more about the history of the CCI program please go to:

Clear Creek Farm

Mission Statement:We provide a loving home for children to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and morally as part of a caring family.

Clear Creek Farm has been a nonprofit Children's Home in Shelby County, Ohio for the past 27 years. The children who make their home here at Clear Creek Farm come from all over Ohio and are between 6 and 18 years of age. However, we do accept children from anywhere in the United States. Each home has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 children and sits on 70 acres of rolling farmland. Married couples serve as house parents in each home, and since this is their primary residence, they are able to foster a feeling of permanence and normality to the children who come to the home.  (I have been honored to serve with this board, when in the US, over the last several years.)

For more information, please go to:

Yokohama Women's Shelter-Kalakasan

These brave, former victims of domestic violence provide shelter and support for women who have no where else to go. (At a Woman's Retreat in Japan in early 2007, I had the opportunity to meet several women from this group.  One tremendous woman shared her heart breaking journey of a husband who sexually abused her teenage daughter.  When she went to the police they told her it was her fault for working away from home and that she should go back to her husband. She has turned her tragedy and healing journey into strength and compassion and an amazing heart for helping other victims and their families.) This is an entirely volunteer non-profit organization. The director is Leny Tolentino and their email is:

Asian Rural Institute (ARI)

ARI is a non-profit organization located in Nishinasuno, Japan. They select leaders from villages throughout Asia and Africa, fly them to ARI, and then train them for 9 months in farm management, food preservation, and community leadership. The students then go home to apply what they have learned. From the ARI pamphleton their website:

"Over 1,000 graduates of ARI are now working alongside their people in grassroots rural communities. That means over 1,000 rural communities have been reached through ARI. Here is what our graduates have to say: "Using the ARI training and experiences I have gained in my work, I have seen people transformed from hopeless people to people with hope." Mr. Chandi, Kenya, 1990"

I met some of their staff in 2007 and was inspired.  I have always been moved by the saying "If you give a person a fish, they eat for a day. If you teach that person to fish, they eat for a lifetime." Teaching people to eat for a lifetime is what ARI does for people around the world EVERY DAY!!

Please learn more by going to ARI's webpage

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

Serving needs around the world and possibly in your back yard!

To review the home page of this organizations please go to:

To see the current list of mission trips scheduled (both near and far), please click here

RiteCare* Childhood Language Program

In the early 1950s in Colorado... (a program was initiated) ... to help children with speech and language disorders. The results obtained from this program led to the establishment of RiteCare clinics to provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders, as well as learning disabilities. Today, there are 170 RiteCare clinics, centers, and special programs operating or planned for children and therapists located throughout the United States. Each facility is staffed by speech-language pathologists or other trained personnel…Tens of thousands of youngsters across the United States have been helped significantly. … Children who might have remained educationally handicapped for a lifetime can now talk, read, and lead useful lives.As a rule, the RiteCare Clinics accept preschool children who have difficulty speaking or understanding the spoken word or school-age children who have difficulty learning to read. Some centers also offer literacy training for adults.… Equally important, all services are available regardless of race, creed, or the family's inability to pay. 
(*The name "RiteCare" is a registered trademark.)

(This is on my list because it was a charity that was dear to my dad.  My mom asked for donations to this charity when my dad passed away.)

To learn more and to locate services available in your area please go to:

Nothing But Nets

Malaria kills more than one million children every year.  For just $10 you can provide one net and training to a family.  To learn more please go to:

Optimist International

Meeting the needs of young people in communities worldwide, Optimist Clubs have been "Bringing Out the Best in Kids" since 1919. Optimist Clubs conduct positive service projects aimed at providing a helping hand to youth. Club Members are best known in their communities for their upbeat attitudes. By believing in young people and empowering them to be the best they can, Optimist volunteers continually make this world a better place to live. There are 101,000 individual Members who belong to more than 3,200 autonomous Clubs. Optimists conduct 65,000 service projects each year, serving six million young people. Optimists also spend $78 million on their communities annually.

The Optimist Creed (from the Optimist website):

Promise Yourself-

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Purposes of Optimist International

To develop optimism as a philosophy of life utilizing the tenets of the Optimist Creed;
To promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs;
To inspire respect for the law;
To promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all people;
To aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one's self in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world.

To learn more please visit:  or


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