Keihatsu Definition

Keihatsu, Ltd.           

Keihatsu is a Japanese word meaning...

Enlightenment, Development and Edification

The reason I was drawn toward a Japanese word and the beautiful purple Japanese iris for my company name and logo was due to the wonderful experiences I had while living in Japan on two different occasions. Shortly after our second time in Japan, I was working on my book cover for “…A Swift Kick in the Head …” which used photos of irises in Japan.  As I was setting up my company name, I knew I wanted to use the Japanese iris and a Japanese word for the company logo and name as well.

I searched through many Japanese words and when I found the word "Keihatsu" it seemed a very obvious choice for my company name because I have always felt strongly that we are all here to help, encourage, educate and enlighten anyone we meet.


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