Programs Available

Take a Breath - Strategies for balancing priorities and scheduling time in all areas of your life.  For anyone feeling out of breath!

Leave Your Zone - The benefits of stretching yourself when new opportunities present themselves.  Strategies and incentives for growing, embracing and choosing the best of all that is being offered. 

Gender Differences in Communication and Negotiation - Understanding and implementing new skills can not only reduce your stress but also improve the outcomes.  For anyone who needs to cooperate and communicate with someone different than themselves.

Who Moved My Family? - The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of moving a family overseas (twice).

Staying Alive - An entertaining program for middle school, high school and college students featuring popular music and media to present information about today's epidemics, medical facts and strategies to avoid becoming a statistic.

Saving Generation Y - A guide to sorting out facts from fiction. Knowledge is power.  For any adult who cares about our future generations' health and success.

Additional Programs are available and programs can be customized for your organization.

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