What People are Saying about Carol's Programs

Business Programs:

The Technology Procurement Conference, Marriott Marquis, Time Square, NY, NY

- Conference sponsored by International Computer Negotiations, Inc. (www.dobetterdeals.com):

"Session was excellent ... it discussed excellent psychology of our comfort zone."

"Creative presentation, well given and thought provoking ... the presentation helped me revisit an old, but very valuable concept.  If you don't try something new, you'll never know what you missed."

          -Anonymous quotes on evaluations from Break out of the Zone to Negotiate Better Deals workshop

"Mrs. Baird is, without question, the best speaker, by far, in the whole conference.  A true professional, very gifted speaker."

          -Robert Schuler, Assistant Vice President, ABN AMRO, Services Co., Chicago, IL
               Evaluation from Gender Impact on Negotiation Dynamics and Outcomes workshop


The Caucus Annual Conference, Disney's Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, FL
- Conference sponsored by Caucus, Association of Technology Procurement Professionals (www.caucusnet.com):

Were your expectations about this session met?:
   "no- they were exceeded (best session hands down)"

What new ideas are you taking back from this session:
   "It really is ok to be a female with a sense of humor in the professional IT arena!"

          -Alice Stallings, Contracts Administrator, City of Phoenix, AZ
               Evaluation from Gender Impact on Negotiation Dynamics and Outcome workshop

"Great examples and comments on ethical behavior ... Excellent course!!! ... valuable knowledge ... The two classes Mrs. Baird led were my favorites."

          -Katrina Waye, Financial Services Specialist, Eastman Chemical
               Evaluation from Ethics and the Procurement Professional
               (workshop/discussion panel by Phil Bode, Pat Campbell and Carol Baird)  


Women in Leadership, sponsored by National Association of Purchasing Managers

the Columbus, Ohio affiliate of Institute for Supply Management (ISM- website:www.ism.ws)

"Carol's presentations are dynamic and full of energy. The information she shares helps the audience understand how to make lasting changes in order to have a better quality of life both with career and non-career elements."

          -Jennifer Goettemoeller, Honda of America Mfg., Inc., North America Cost Planning
Evaluation from Take a Breath program


The Ohio State University, College of Engineering
- Columbus, Ohio - seminar class guest speaker

"Carol was a fabulous speaker ... very enthusiastic!  She was a favorite of the students, they really enjoyed hearing about her experiences and they obtained some good advice from her about leaving their comfort zones.  We'll definitely have Carol return to talk to the students!"

          -Lisa Abrams, Ph.D., P.E., Director, Women in Engineering Program, The Ohio State University

"Carol's presentation was excellent.  She was very enthusiastic and presented her experiences very well.  Her experiences were really amazing and I enjoyed hearing her talk about her life."

"She was a good speaker because she told us a story rather than just telling us facts"

"My favorite speaker (of the quarter) was Carol."

"I really enjoyed listening to Carol.  What she said was very interesting and she kept my attention the whole time."

"I thought her story was very interesting as well as amusing."

"Carol was a great speaker, I would definitely suggest you inviting her back for this class."

          -Quotes from Students, College of Engineering, The Ohio State University

Youth Programs:

The following quotes are from adults who have experienced the Staying Alive... Program.  (This program has been presented in both Secular and Christian versions to hundreds of Middle School, High School and University students in the US and in Japan.):

"Carol is highly energetic and does an incredible job presenting the abstinence message to high school students in a sincere, simple format that draws a tremendous amount of attention.  Her program is filled with up-to-date facts, inspirational quotes, and fun!  Her message is one that all teenagers should hear!"

          - Denise Stauffer, Assistant Principal, Lehman Catholic High School, Sidney, Ohio

" ... thank you for coming and presenting your program ...What you do is so wonderful!  I've heard many, many positive comments about the program ..."

          - Robin Goettemoeller, Youth Programs, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, New Bremen

"This presentation was crazy! (That's a good thing). The mix of music and fact was a brilliant way to get across an important message.  I know the students will remember it."

          - Ben Williams, Campus Minister, Christian Student Fellowship, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

"Celebrating celibacy in a humorous, informative ...program, Carol Baird employs songs and costumes in a multi-media presentation that addresses the issues of sex before marriage... Some songs the parents will remember and others, the youth will appreciate, but there is always a method to the madness. The message is...for the physical and psychological health of all pre-marital relationships...R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to you."

          - Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud - Teacher, Puppeteer, Author of Kidsermons (series of children's sermons,
               Published by Augsburg/Fortress, www.kidsermons.com ), Mother of 3, Tokyo, Japan


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